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    Private office and secretariat

At Hinzen Privatkontor we are committed to the individual interests of religious orders, church-related foundations, and families, as well as their companies and institutions. We are here to assist decision-makers with loyal advice and support in all economic, financial, and practical matters.

Securing the future of church institutions and their undertakings is becoming increasingly important in our dynamic world. In order to be able to meet the demands placed on them in the long term, it is necessary to analyze the relevant organizations in detail and to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and risks, well in advance. Strategies for the divergence of non-material and operational assets, for example, are an important point.

We are here to advise you on the optimization of your organization, gladly take over the project management for you during the realization and control success after completion.

Practical examples

  • Separation of supply and mission matters: Strategy development, division of an organization and implementation of the individual parts with the help of legal and tax advisors, trustees, authorities etc., setting up a controlling system for the overall management team
  • Project management of the relocation of a monastery to another diocese with handling of operations, sale of properties, and establishing connections with all necessary services at the new location, including clarification of extensive licensing and statute issues
  • Project management and support in the negotiation process for the development of an inner-city property owned by the order from the development of a concept of use and the procurement of planning permission, up until the acquisition of heritable building rights

Are processes running properly and undisturbed? Are they running effectively and efficiently? Are the financial results sufficient when measured against the necessities or economic goals? How are interferences in the work process recognized, addressed, and eliminated?

All these questions are part of the daily business routine. We are happy to analyze data and provide you with information and recommendations for action based on our analysis. We believe that statistical and empirical knowledge is just as useful as general practical experience.

Practical examples

  • Evaluation of external consulting and management processes for an international church organization in Rome
  • Measurement and evaluation of performance contributions of investment managers and funds, proposal of intervention for a congregation with provincial headquarters in Bavaria if necessary
  • Profitability comparison and development projection for geriatric care and therapeutic facilities in North Rhine-Westphalia

If desired, we will support you in all business negotiations through the preparation for appointments, as well as at the appointments themselves as a personal assistant and consultant. For example, we can assist you in the formulation of requests to obtain various offers from service providers. We will be happy to accompany you during meetings with specialized service providers, e.g. banks, tax advisors, advertising agencies or even public authorities.

Our role is explicitly not in taking charge over your powers of attorney, but rather in providing competent advice and helping you in the implementation of your well-understood interests. You continue to make the decisions throughout the process.

Practical examples

  • Negotiations with the supervisory authority of a foundation and the tax office regarding the establishment of foundations in Rhineland-Palatinate and in Bavaria
  • Negotiations with municipal authorities on building law, supply contracts; negotiations with church authorities on licensing requirements
  • Negotiations with employees on transfer or termination of employment in North Rhine-Westphalia, in Bavaria, etc.

Far-reaching strategic changes often lead to the development of new, necessary partnerships, a process of change that is particularly visible in the case of changes to monastic monasteries. We support you in your search for a suitable partner, establish contacts and conduct negotiations on your behalf with private investors or foundations, social enterprises, and other religious associations, as well as church and state authorities. This is not a matter of assuming powers of attorney, but rather of effectively safeguarding your interests in a new cooperation. Although we assist you throughout the process, you continue to make all decisions.

Practical examples

  • Working with a monastery, which had itself been extensively socially and commercially active, to identify possible forms of cooperation and potential partners; establishment of contacts and conduct of negotiations
  • Relocation of a fellowship to another diocese; obtaining the necessary approvals from Roman and episcopal authorities
  • Development of individual criteria, search for and criteria testing of possible new social locations, including personnel deployment, at a new location in the Cologne/Bonn area

We gladly provide you with the necessary know-how to personally take charge of and solve arising economic and financial, or even very practical, questions from almost all areas of life. Upon request we will also support you in preparing your provisions, up until the moment that they are ready to be signed. Most importantly, we never leave you standing out in the cold - if, in a particular case, we are unable to solve your problem ourselves, we will arrange and manage the necessary resources for you.

Practical examples

  • Development of a concept for employee interviews for cellarers in Austria
  • Ensuring the upkeep of and accessibility to a cemetery for members of a religious order
  • Organizing the accommodations and journey home for a nun stranded in South America due to the outbreak of the Corona virus
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