• Strategic change

What was, what is and what should be? In many cases, the requirements for a successful future also require an adjustment of the existing conditions and activities.

During the inventory process we put special focus on a stringent goal orientation and consideration of the given general conditions and restrictions, resulting in transparency about realistic and ambitious goals of the organization or the community.

When it comes to large undertakings - e.g. hospitals - we work together with selected strategic cooperation partners.

After a comprehensive and solid assessment of the current situation, we work together with you - or as a model for you - to develop solutions and show you alternatives. Together we define strategies to achieve desired results within a defined timeframe. It is particularly important that a high level of acceptance for the necessary cultural, strategic and/or organizational changes is built up within your institution. Here, too, we are at your side, advising and supporting you in internal communication and decision-making with moderation, workshops, and coaching modules.

In order to ensure sustainability, we support you in the search for a new agency suitable to your ideas for individual facilities or complex real estate properties.

We accompany you in an upcoming strategic reorientation and the associated changes in your organization and support you in a sensible sale/amortization or necessary closure of your business. Our large network as well as our solution-oriented and creative approach have proven themselves many times over. Absolute confidentiality is a matter of course for us.

Practical examples

  • Search for a new owner for a previous retirement home in a large city: 1. Analysis of the different possibilities of use and possible obstacles. 2. Analysis of possible interested parties in the vicinity as well as interested communities. 3. Development of a "roadmap" with contact persons and appointments, support during the discussions.
  • Economic efficiency calculation and scenario calculations for the development of income and expenditure plans for schools in a diocesan organization.
  • Recommendations for the reorganization of a support structure for the social facilities of a religious community.

Is your own monastery building getting too large? Are maintenance tasks becoming too expensive or too laborious? Are there too few young people to fill the beds and tackle the upcoming economic undertakings? We provide comprehensive support in the reorientation of your community, be it in the form of an open mindset which welcomes new things and further development, or in the form of prioritizing the possibility for you to remain at your current location. The goal is to find a model for the future that meets your wishes and needs and takes the given spatial, personnel and economic realities into account, while also remaining sustainable and economically viable.

We do not just analyze the size, condition, and possible uses of your property, but also the situation of the fellowship, relevant opportunities, and potential limitations. Out of this initial analysis we then develop - according to your wants and requests - possible utilization concepts, in which partial sales or co-utilization options are also considered. Depending on what you decide, we will also help you in the search for a suitable new monastery (or similar property).

If necessary, we will work with you, or for you, to develop a repurposing concept for the existing location. We will also help you with the implementation - including thorough support in the event of purchase or sale.

Practical examples

  • Situational analysis for a monastery and search for a suitable partner for co-use in Lower Bavaria.
  • Support the development of a good and, if possible, consensual decision-making process in the community and for the approval of the church authorities.
  • Identification of an attractive and senior-friendly new monastery location in NRW, management of the negotiations with the local sponsor/owner.

Religious orders or institutions that operate internationally must adapt their actions to the demands of our globalized world. Political changes and changing economic conditions have consequences in mission regions and provinces. With our international experience, we help to find fitting solutions that meet all necessary demands.

Practical examples

  • Development of alternative concepts for the integration of African sisters into the leadership of a community with a German motherhouse
  • Support in the centralization of administrative tasks and the pooling of finances for a Central European religious province and a generalate
  • Fundraising efforts in competence development and network development for an Indian religious province

In times of information overload, it is important to actively practice smart, concise communication in all meaningful channels and with all key contacts. Good communication saves not only a lot of work, but also frustration.
In fundraising, for example, we analyze your profile from the point of view that your institution is perceived as a "brand", and further examine how this process occurs. On this basis, we develop suitable national and international communication strategies. In communication, we support you through the optimal use of both online and offline channels for internal and external communication in your organization.

We also help with the development and implementation of your projects, in which communication plays a major role. We manage your internal and external communications, develop timelines and flowcharts, and stand by your side through every phase of the project.

Practical examples

  • Provided support in raising the profile of an international aid organization for media work
  • Supervision of project communication operations of a parish regarding committees, diocese and the local order
  • Managed the communication of an order with the members of the order, the local authorities, tenants, operational partners and the general public during a strategic change
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