• What we stand for

At Hinzen Privatkontor, we strive to support you in and understand your concerns through our role as a contact person, companion, and mediator, in order to develop individual solutions for you and together with you, while staying grounded in the context of relevant ethical, religious, legislative, and normative rules. Christian and social values, fairness, and sustainable action are always taken into account in our consulting. We are also here to help you in implementing solutions you have defined and developed yourself, for example as project managers for complex undertakings. Independent consultation, transparent accounting practices, and secure handling of our clients' sensitive information and data are a matter of course.

We stand vigilantly by our clients. Every analysis, every consultation, every implementation of planned and potential changes, every optimization step, every investment project – our team is here to personally accompany you at each and every step. During implementation, you remain control of the scheduling of different project phases, and project phases can be individually commissioned. We are here to provide you with the help and support that you really want.

We work with a “double bottom” by consciously resorting to proven cooperation partners, who share our philosophy of work, for larger undertakings, thereby providing you with an added degree of security. Yet even while working in cooperation, we remain responsible for you and continue to ensure that your interests and their efficient implementation remain at the center of attention.

Hinzen Privatkontor advises - you decide.

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