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To see if there is a wise man,
who spends his money on more than interest.

Why do we all invest time, energy, and assets? To create something that stands the test of time, that bears fruit. We plant a tree by the water so that it grows well, survives storms and drought, gives us support, and provides food and shade. But which type of tree do we choose? Where is the exact right location? Who has the gardening know-how? How much does it all cost, and how will it pay off in the long run? How do we respond when things go differently than planned, or when resources dwindle?

Successful business management is important for achieving idealistic goals. We want to be of assistance in this process by helping you organise and optimise your commercial matters. A Kontor is the office of the honourable merchant. At Hinzen Privatkontor, we are committed to the individual interests of monasteries and religious orders, church-related foundations and estates, families and their businesses and social and official institutions. We see our task as being to assist decision-makers privately and discreetly with loyal advice in all economic and financial matters.


Winfried Hinzen

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