• Publications

We have compiled the most important publications from Hinzen Privatkontor, which are published by the team's experts in various medial formats. The diversity of topics is also reflected here in the articles and presentations.

Among other things, Winfried Hinzen serves as a regular expert on current economic and financial issues for domradio, a catholic radio station and media conglomerate in Cologne; in addition to the publications and lectures, all interviews can be found here.

Aus aktuellem Anlass der Corona-Krise stellen wir Ihnen unsere Kapitalmarktausblick – Updates und eine Übersicht über Corona-bezogene Hilfsmaßnahmen zur Verfügung.

In our corporate video 'Das Hinzen Privatkontor stellt sich vorstellen' (link), you can learn more about the offered services, the working methods and the philosophy of Hinzen Privatkontor.

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