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"To know and understand - economic solutions for the church context."

Successful economic management is essential to achieving idealistic goals. We see our task as providing decision-makers with loyal advice on all economic and financial issues. This applies in particular to the long-term orientation of business on the financial markets, be it investments, e.g. for later investments or for old-age provisions, or the financing of large, mostly social-economic projects.

Solid and regularly adapted structures in investments and financing have a direct impact on the economic status and the economic capacity to act. The benefits of higher returns on investment, lower financing costs or in terms of risk-bearing capacity are significant and can be measured in concrete terms. Transparency about the content and impact mechanisms of the individual financial transactions and the portfolio provide you with security.

We are here to support you in all phases of financial projects. Together with you, or as a model for you, we develop individual concepts, organize their implementation in your own corporation and in cooperation with external partners such as banks, and assist in the smooth start-up. On request, we monitor the then running processes for conformity to your strategy specifications and their contribution to success.

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