• Fundraising and donations

We provide expert guidance with years of experience and new approaches to fundraising. Our support includes the development of intelligent fundraising concepts and when it comes to grants from aid agencies or public authorities, we are experts. We support you in the process of contacting foundations, advise you on the topic of interest subsidized loans, and much more.

In short, we design personalized strategies for you to generate income. We ensure the development of an effective and efficient organization, which helps you achieve your goals via clear processes and appropriate measures. Last but not least, we connect you with interesting contacts and a network of supporters for the implementation of your ideas.

ased on our many years of experience and our large network, we can provide you and your institution with comprehensive support in the area of systematic fundraising for your charitable, benevolent or ecclesiastical purposes. In the process we always keep an eye on incipient resources to achieve an optimal cost-benefit ratio for you when it comes to generating donations. We can also support you in the process of fundraising for non-cash benefits as well as provisions of service for your institution.

Practical examples

  • Seminars and workshops on fundraising policy for a consortium of cellarers, an educational institution active throughout Germany and missionary community active around the globe
  • Strategy development for the promotion of bequests and inheritances for a non-profit institution responsible for student facilitation
  • Arranging a funding partnership with an entrepreneurial foundation for a monastery

e also support church organizations internationally wherever there is need for economic advice and know-how. The church thinks and acts veritably on a global scale, as demonstrated by the relief organizations and religious congregations with which we work. We are open to familiarizing ourselves with the context of other countries and cultures and developing an understanding for people and situations that are different from those in Germany or Austria.

Practical examples

  • Establishment of an organizational and operational structure for a new missionary foundation, development of a fundraising strategy and implementation in the form of concrete funding applications for a religious province in India
  • Fundraising with institutional sponsors for a school project in the Middle East, support and advisory in the accounting of funds
  • Consultation on how to avoid and resolve conflicts of interest in different projects of fellowship both at home and abroad

f you are considering starting your own foundation, then you must want to make a lasting positive impact with your private and/or religious assets. In order to create a foundation that is meaningful according to your ideas and that fulfills the purpose that is particularly close to your heart, our advising process begins well in advance; We support you in structuring your foundation in accordance with civil law as well as determining the most appropriate type of foundation, to ensure a solid groundwork is laid for successful, long-term foundation work; We also support you in in the process of drafting the foundation's articles of association while taking special legal and tax issues into consideration; We advise you - if necessary - on the appointment of committees; We will assist you in the recognition procedure under foundation law and in the obtainment of tax-exempt status from the relevant authorities.

Practical examples

  • Support in the establishment of a charitable corporate foundation for a family
  • Support in the design of a foundation close to the Order which facilitates the sustainable continuation of their mission
  • Review of the mission and internal organization of a foundation, in order to adapt it to the actual present circumstances of an association

n the field of fundraising and donation, a custom-fit communication plan is essential. The significance and purpose of your cause should be communicated concisely in all available channels. A clear presentation, catchy messages and a convincing call to action are essential.

We are here to support you in the development of national and international communication strategies through the development of suitable, individualized measures and means. We assist you in the targeted use of all communication channels that best meet your requirements and might come into question for your project, and we are happy to provide you with suitable contacts for their implementation.

Practical examples

  • Supervision of project communication operations of a parish regarding committees, diocese and the local order
  • Provided support in raising the profile of an international relief organization for donor and media work
  • Supported an order in their international communication operations in the context of a fundraising project